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Grand Central Station Model Grand Central Terminal
Cut out the interior courtyard piece. Note the reverse folds which are marked by small triangles. Score these pieces on the back, as described in the Tips & Techniques. Fold the courtyard floor up and the side walls inward.
Cut out the roof of the main concourse. Fold the tabs inward at the ends and underneath. Match the angles of the roof and walls to the shape indicated on the inside walls of the courtyard. Glue the roof of the main concourse in place to the courtyard floor and walls. You may wish to glue the bottom tabs to the courtyard floor first and then the side walls. Press the courtyard walls inward to secure in place.

Cut out the exterior walls and glue into a rectangle.

Glue the tabs at the back of the interior courtyard walls inside exterior walls.

Cut out and score the roof. Glue the roof in place with the roof tabs tucked behind the top edge of the exterior walls. If necessary, you can push the roof up from underneath with a toothpick or chopstick to align at with the top edge of the exterior walls.

Assemble the platform of the Park Avenue Viaduct. Fold the walls down and glue the tabs behind the sides. Bend the round southwest corner around a toothpick to shape into a curved corner and glue to the tab behind.

Glue the tabs at the bottom of the exterior walls in the place indicated in the middle of the Park Avenue Viaduct platform.

Now your model of Grand Central is finished. All aboard!

Grand Central Station Model
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