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AT&T Building model AT&T Building

Score the folds and cut out the main section of the building. Fold it into a rectangular box. Make sure the sides are parallel and glued straight before continuing with the roof.

At the center of the rooftop, roll the paper around a small round toothpick or coat hanger wire so that it matches the circular hole at the top of the walls. If you bend the paper into a tight circle it will be easier to glue the roof perfectly in place with the tabs tucked inside the tops of the walls.

Next cut out the small entryway. Reverse-fold the sides and roll the long strip of wall down to match the curve of the top of the entryway. Glue the tab on the left behind the strip of wall to hold it in place.

fig. 3

Glue the completed entryway behind the front wall. Match up the bottom of the entryway with the bottom of the front wall of the building.

Score and cut out the atrium piece. Note that the fold on the rooftop is a reverse (valley) fold, where the windows of the atrium curve upwards. Roll the atrium windows around a round object to match the curved shape of the walls.
Glue the completed atrium to the back of the building in the shaded area.

At last your model of the AT&T Building is finished!

AT&T Building model
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