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1 WTC modelOne World Trade Center

First score and cut out the base or podium of the tower and fold into a rectangular box.

Next score and cut out the glass upper part of the tower. Fold the triangular walls carefully. Glue the walls together then fold the roof down and glue in place.

Glue the top of the tower to the podium.

Cut out the round communications structure and roll it into a cylinder by pushing it against a round pencil or dowel. Glue the tab inside the end of the piece in a circle.

Glue the edge of the communications structure to the rooftop of the tower.

Cut out the two sides of the spire and glue back-to-back.

Add a small drop of glue to the end of the spire and glue in place at the center of the rooftop. After the glue dries, you can make the spire sturdier with a small drop of super glue soaked into the edge of the paper, as described on the Tips and Techniques page.

At last your model of One World Trade Center is finished!

1 WTC model
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