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Woolworth Building model Woolworth Building

Cut out the base of the building and fold into a square. Note that the front side of the building is slightly angled. Use new knife blade to make it easier to cut out the tiny details.

Next cut out the interior light court. Note that there are three reverse folds (score on the back). The thin piece at the bottom folds upward to form the bottom of the light court.

Test fit the interior inside the back of the building. The two large tabs of the light court should fit exactly inside the base of the building. Glue the light court inside the base of the building.

Cut out the roof. Test to make sure it fits inside the base of the building before gluing in place. Note that the front walls are slightly higher than the rear walls, so that the roof will be flush with the top of the rear roof while it is about 1mm lower than the top of the front roof.

Cut out the tower and glue in place to the top of the roof and back of the front side. Line up the windows on the sides of the tower.

Next cut out small top tier of the tower and glue into an octagonal shape. The small gothic details can be strenghtened after assembly with a drop of super glue (see Tips) to avoid crushing them when handling the piece.

Score the small folds on the tower roof carefully. Cut out the piece. Use a tweezer to fold the small roof sides and glue the tab inside the end of the roof.

Glue the tower roof inside the top tier.

Cut out the larger tier of the tower and assemble into a box shape. Cut out the smaller square roof and glue inside.

Glue the top tier of the tower to the larger tier.

Cut out the larger square roof. Note that the fold line with the smaller tab is at an angle. This tab will face the front of the tower in Step #3.

Cut out the two pieces of the spire and glue back-to-back.
Score and fold the four tiny buttresses as one connected piece before cutting them out (see Tips). Cut out each buttress and fold using a tweezer into a box shape.

Glue the four buttresses to the corners of the octagonal top tier.

Cut out the tiny octagonal balcony and glue in place at the top of the roof.

Glue the spire edge upright to the octagonal balcony.

Cut out the two mansard roofs. Score and fold carefully. Test fit the mansard roofs before gluing in place. The roofs are tucked behind the ornaments at the top of the walls. Use the tip of a knife to push the edges of the roof behind the walls without damaging the ornaments.
Score and cut out the two roof gables. These are glued on top of the mansard roofs between the tower and the dormers at the top of the walls. Bend the dormers outward slightly to fit the gables in place.

Glue the top of the tower inside the tower walls. The small tab of the tower roof will face toward the front of the building. Place the tower roof slightly below the top edge of the tower walls to create a little balcony.

At last your model of the Woolworth Building is finished!

Woolworth Building model
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