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Seagram Building model Seagram Building
Cut out the walls of the tower. Some of the folds on the rear side of the building are reverse (valley) folds, while others are regular (mountain) folds.

When cutting out the columns at the front of the building, you may find it easer to score and fold the front corners of the building before cutting out the thin columns. After cutting out the columns, you can strengthen the paper with a tiny drop of super glue, as described in Tips & Techniques.

Fold down the roof and glue in position.

Flip the model upside down. Cut out the underside piece and glue it inside the walls at the bottom of the model, so that the piece is lines up flush at the tops of the columns.

Cut out the elevator banks and the glass lobby. Glue these to the underside of the building. Make sure the two pieces are not glued upside down! The doors to the lobby should meet the floor, not the ceiling.

Cut out the tiny awning. Score and fold the piece, then glue it to itself flat.

Check to make sure the awning fits in place. You may need to trim the tiny notches to fit around the two central pillars easily.

Cut out the rear section of the building and assemble it into a rectangular box.
Cut out rear wall and fold the roof and tabs down. Glue it to the rest of the rear section of the building.

Glue the rear section of the building to the bottom of the tower. Line up the pieces carefully before pressing the sides in place.

At last your model of the Seagram Building is finished!

Seagram Building model
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