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Statue of Liberty Model Statue of Liberty

Cut out the statue's head. Roll the paper against a small dowel or round object to curl it into a tapering cylinder. Bend the statue's hair outward slightly.

Cut out the top of the head and crown. You may want to strengthen the thin points of the crown with a drop of super-glue on the back, as described in Tips and Techniques.

Cut out the body of the statue. Don't forget to cut out the three slots before folding and gluing the body.

Score the dotted lines and glue the right-hand tab inside to assemble into a box shape. The fold lines on the sides of the statue will give the box a slightly hexagonal shape at the base.

Fold the upper sides of the body inward and glue the tabs inside. Press the top end of the front of the statue against a round dowel to curl it into a round shape and glue against the side tabs. After the glue dries, curl the top end of the back of the statue and glue over the top of the statue, as shown in the diagram.

Fold the foot of the statue against the back of the base. Tuck the tab into the slot. Fold the bottom of the foot inward and glue in place.

Cut out the front and back of the right arm. Fold the back tab back (mountain fold) and the front tab forward (valley fold). Glue the sides of the arm together.

Cut out the tablet, fold in half and glue flat.

Cut out the left arm. Roll the shoulder and back of the sleeve against a round dowel to curl the arm into a shape matching the top edge of the body. Score and fold the triangular front end under the hand. Use a tweezer to curl the fingers inward to cradle the tablet.

Insert the tablet into the slot and test fit the left arm before securing in place with a little glue along the edge of the paper.

Cut out the neck and roll into a tapered cylinder. Glue in place on top of the body with the seam facing the back.

Insert the right arm into the slot. If necessary, use a knife to enlarge the slot to fit the arm tab, then glue into place.

Cut out the stone level of the tower and assemble into a tapered box. Cut out and assemble the balcony and glue in place. Cut out the statue base and assemble into an octagonal box. Glue on top of the balcony in the center.

Glue the bottom edge of the statue to the base. Line up the broken chain on the base with the front right corner of the statue.

Put a drop of glue on top of the neck and glue the head in place.

At last your model of the Statue of Liberty is finished!

Statue of Liberty Model
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