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Hearst Tower modelHearst Tower


First cut out the original 1928 base of the tower. Fold the piece into a rectangular box with angled corners in the front.


Next cut out the front face of the base. Fold the angled corners at 45 degrees. You can add a drop of super glue to the back of the six tall pillars to strenghthen the paper against bending as described in Tips and Techniques. Glue the front piece in place on the base as shown in the diagram.


If you are feeling very ambitious and would like to add more detail to your Hearst Tower model, you can cut out the corners to match the angled corners of the real building.

Before scoring or folding the tower piece, cut out the sixteen diamond shapes located at the corners (you'll have to splice together the diamonds from the left and right ends of the piece as well). Be careful to leave a little paper holding the corners of the building together.

Next score the diamonds horizontally on the back and fold each forward to match the angles of the cut corners. Glue the roof of the tower in place to hold the tower in a sturdy rectangular shape. Then place a little glue on the edges of each diamond piece and use a long tweezer and toothpick to place each in the correct position inside the walls of the tower.


After assembling the rectangular box of the tower, glue the tower in place on the roof of the base. Line up the back of the tower (the side with the grey rectangle where the building abuts another skyscraper) with the back edge of the base.

At last your model of the Hearst Tower is finished!

Hearst Tower model
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