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Federal Hall Model Federal Hall National Memorial

Cut out the side walls and end walls of the building. Note that the fold at the base of the side walls (at bottom of doorway) is actually a "valley" fold which is scored on the back of the card and folded forward, as seen in the diagram.

Glue the end wall tabs inside the side walls. Line up the sides of the end walls with the edges of the side walls, and position the floors of the landings flush with the horizontal level of the side walls. Use a tweezers to squeeze the tabs flat in place.

Cut out the two colonnades. You can cut out the paper between the columns for more realism, or simply cut across the bottom of the columns and leave the image between.

Fold the top tabs back and glue the colonnade at each end of the building. Put a little glue on the bottom of the columns to secure them at the top of the stairs.


Cut out the roof and fold in the center. Glue the roof in place with the grey circle marking the location of the cupola closer to the end with the wide staircase.


Cut out the tiny George Washington statue and fold it carefully in half to glue back-to-back.

Score and cut out the statue platform. Use a tweezers to bend the tabs back and assemble into a wedge-shaped box.


Cut out the cupola, roll into a cylinder and glue it to the rooftop. Add the cupola roof.

Glue the wedge-shaped statue platform and the George Washington Statue at the base of the stairs.

Now your model of Federal Hall is finished!

Federal Hall Model
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