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Ellis Island Model Ellis Island Main Immigration Building


Score and cut out the two wall pieces. Note the "valley" folds in the center of the piece, where the walls bend inward. Score the valley folds on the back of the paper as described in Tips and Techniques.

Glue the ends of the walls to each other.


Cut out the roof piece and fold the middle tabs down at a 90-degree angle.

Glue the roof on top of the walls, with the middle tabs tucked inside the walls. A small section of wall over the arched doorways will stick up above the roof line.


Cut out the upper walls and glue into a rectangular shape.

Score and cut out the roof. You can color the ridge of the roof with a colored pencil to avoid a white line where the scored paper shows through, as described in Tips and Techniques.

Glue the roof inside the upper walls.


Cut out the six small gables. Fold and glue them to the top of the roof, behind the upper walls.


Score and cut out the four lower towers. Fold carefully with a tweezer into a tapering rectangular shape. Make sure the corners are folded neatly and each tower is even and square, then glue each tower in place under the roof in the corners beside the doorways.


Cut out the four upper towers. Make sure the corners are folded neatly and evenly for a symmetrical tower. Curl the triangular roofs slightly against a round dowel or pencil before gluing the piece together.

Fold and glue each into tower a tapering rectangle. Push the curled rooftops together and glue a scrap of tissue paper inside to provide support, as described in Tips and Techniques.


After the four towers are asssembled, glue the upper roof and towers in place on the rooftop.

Now your model of the Ellis Island Administration Building is finished and ready for visitors!

Ellis Island Model
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