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Citicorp Center model Citicorp Center

First score and cut out the main tower. Fold and glue the walls into a long rectangular box and then fold and glue the roof down with the tabs tucked inside. Don't fold the tabs on the stilts in just yet.
Cut out the small square ceiling and fold its tabs upwards (fig. 2). Don't forget to cut out the center hole marked with the scissors icon.

Holding the piece with a tweezers through the hole in the center, insert the ceiling into the base of the tower. Line up the ceiling square with the lower edge of the walls of the tower before the glue sets.

Cut a square around the inner walls of the stilts. It will be easier to score and fold them before cutting out each individual piece. The letters in the diagram indicate the order they are glued in the next step.
Fold back the tabs on the stilts attached to the tower. Then fold each stilt wall carefully with a tweezers and glue it in place in the order indicated by the diagram. Note that one stilt leg is shorter than the other three.

Cut out the shopping mall which is the base of the tower. Be sure to cut out the hole in the rooftop where the stilt marked 'A' in the previous diagram will be inserted. Fold the walls down and glue them together to make a box with a sloping roof.
Cut out the small entryway, fold and glue it into shape as a low rectangular box. Glue this to the side of the base.
Cut out the elevator core of the tower. Fold and glue into an octagonal cylinder and then glue this into place to the roof of the entryway.

Next, glue the tower in place on top of the base. The stilt leg marked 'A' in the previous diagram will be inserted into the hole in the roof of the base. The short stilt leg 'B' will be glued to the rooftop of the entryway, and legs 'C' & 'D' to the sides of the entryway.
The last step is to cut out the small level which sits on the rooftop of the podium base. Fold and glue this into shape as a small box and then glue it into place on the roof.

At last your model of Citicorp Center is finished!

Citicorp Center model
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