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Bank of America modelBank of America Tower

The taller tower of the skyscraper is labelled A and shorter tower labelled B. You can write the letters in the grey area of each piece (which will be covered up later) or on the reverse side of the paper to help make sure they don't get mixed up.

Cut out the two towers, score and fold the triangular walls of each. Glue the tab at the bottom first to assemble each piece into a rectangular shape, then glue the tab just above. Finally fold in the last two small tabs and glue the last angled wall of the tower.

Cut out the two trapezoidal rooftops and fold the tabs downwards. The tab with the letter will be glued inside the flat inner wall of each tower. Test fit each roof piece to make sure the angles of the walls match before gluing in place.

Glue the rooftops inset down from the top edges of the walls, so that the rooftop is horizontal and level at the lowest corner of each tower walls. (The printed windows above the rooftop level are blue glass, while those below the rooftop level are dark office windows.)

Once the rooftops are glued in place, apply a thin layer of glue to the grey area of each tower to attach to each other. Note that tower B is slightly forward of tower A. Match the shapes of the grey printed areas to each other.

Next cut out the rectangular base of the building and assemble.

Glue the tower pieces to the roof and front wall of the base.

Cut out the tiny rooftop building and assemble into a rectangular box. Glue the little building in the front inner corner of the rooftop of the taller tower labelled A previously.
Cut out the two sides of the spire and glue back-to-back.
Finally, glue the spire to the wall and roof of the little rooftop building as indicated in the drawing.

Now your model of the Bank of America Tower is finished!

Bank of America model
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